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My Unusual Friends 
My Unusual Friend’s is based around the (supposedly) imaginary world of twins Alf and Tilly and their adventures in Rainbow Land.
Its a normal day for Alf and Tilly. 
Alf is running around being noisy and probably rather annoying. Tilly is trying to have a quiet tidy up.
They don't realise everything is about to change. Forever.
Strange noises and rainbow colours emanate from underneath their bunk bed and slowly a huge, gynormous Something crawls out from underneath it.
After introducing himself as George and having a look around this strange new world, the Whatchamacallit decides he needs to go home. Of course Alf and Tilly are very curious as to where he lives, and take no time to decide to follow George as he disappears under the bunk bed… And so begins their new experiences, with their first visit to Rainbow Land.
A truly beautiful, dreamlike, ethereal kingdom awaits them, where reality floats and changes with the children’s thoughts.
Possibilities are endless, as are the landscapes of rolling clouds, sunsets and rainbows.
Alf and Tilly are able to fly as soon as they can imagine it, step through waterfall colours, slip down the huge Rainbow Slide, bounce on giant wobbly Rainbow Mounds and play in safe freedom within a mirage of expansive views and changing colours.
Alf and Tilly make some very nice new Friends .. the naughty threesome Dib, Dob and Dingle who work (most unreliably) in the Rainbow Maker Windmill, Monty and Dolly (who secretly love each other..sssh), Nigel who doesn't say too much, but seems very kind and the Bouncers who jump around everywhere.. especially Ping, who holds the record in Rainbow Land for flying right over the top of the Rainbow Slippery Slide.
The children discover a whole community of adorable, affectionate Unusual Friends, who all care for each other on their topsy turvy cloud houses in the Rainbow sky. 
Alf, Tilly, George, Dib, Dob, Dingle, Nigel and the Bouncers have different amazing adventures exploring Rainbow Land.
There are surprises around every corner! The children love their new funny Unusual Friends and this strange wonderful world.
So Alf and Tilly told Mum all about George and their Unusual Friends in Rainbow Land, but she didn’t seem to believe them.
Alf says, it’s because Grown Ups have forgotten all about Real Proper Magic.
At the end of Rainbow Day Time, George walks Alf and Tilly back to the ladder which takes them up to their bedroom under the bunk bed, and always remembers to give Tilly a little present... a glowing rainbow stone, a heart flower, a bubble that won't pop.. 
Tilly puts it straight on to her special memories shelf.
But most of all Alf and Tilly's adore their very bestest most loved friend...Dear Bumbling Clumsy Forgetful Darling George. 
Mum sometimes says.. "Now where did you find these strange objects?!"
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