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Sally Hunter, is a British creator, illustrator, and author of children’s characters for TV and story books.
Most notably, Sally has gained international recognition for her classic pre-school brand: Humphrey’s Corner, as well as creating the twice BAFTA nominated, global TV show Digby Dragon and the My Unusual Friends baby retail range.
Growing up in the 70’s in a small Northamptonshire village in England, always with a sketchbook and pencil to hand, Sally started drawing characters from an early age.
 A self-taught artist who began her creative career by painting greetings cards, then later as a single, young parent, drawing on her experiences and establishing her first commercial success, Humphrey's Corner, based on her 3 small children.
 Her first book was published in 1998, followed by 40 other titles following the adventures of loveable Humphrey and his family.
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Humphrey's Corner has since become a well-established, evergreen property with a loyal following of fans. Across the last two decades Humphrey's Corner has been translated outside of books, across most baby, nursery and gifting categories. Sally's passion for the integrity of the brand and her application for detail and design in the creative process has been the key element to the success of Humphrey’s Corner, which has been recognised by the industry, winning awards from both LIMA (Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association) and the Licensing Awards for best pre-school licensed character, apparel range and bedding design. 

Sally went on to produce the range of books, clothing, soft toys, bedding and nursery products under her My Unusual Friends label. Centered around twins Alf and Tilly, along with their endearing monster friends, the range was sold and promoted throughout the British retailer stores, Marks and Spencer.
Drawing on her Scottish ancestry Sally also created the world of Digby Dragon and his magical friends, based in the small seaside village of Applecross in The Highlands, where her Great Great Grandmother grew up.
In partnership with the UK based animation company Blue Zoo, and in her role as Executive Producer, Sally oversaw the production of the Digby Dragon TV show based on her creation, which has since had global distribution and two BAFTA nominations.
Sally’s success has been established, not just through her beautiful illustrations, designs and stories, but also through her innate ability and gift, to touch the heart and capture the innocence and purity of a nostalgic childhood.
The inspiration for her work, in whatever form it takes, is to create a haven of wonderment, imagination and safety which she hopes will resonate with her young audience.

The Little Things. A Reminder Of The Simple Joys Of Life, is Sally's most recent work.

It is her first Humphrey's Corner book which has been created for all ages.
Intended as an inspirational 'pick me up' keepsake for uncertain times, with soft contemporary shades and pencil drawings this is

a Humphrey Hug in a book! 
Available on Amazon.

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Sally's latest venture takes her into the world of contemporary art with her first, very well received exhibition 'Through The Veil'

This is an exciting new chapter for Sally and she feels is just the beginning, of this long awaited journey of painting in oils.

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